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Parental Consent Form

Access the form below

    Does your child receive free school meals?

    Do you consent your child being given a snack or drink?
    Does your child/young person have any special educational needs and/or disabilities?

    Is there any medical conditions and/or medication your child is taking that we need to be aware of?

    I provide consent for my child's image to be used by The Peel Project
    I provide consent for my child's image to be used by patrons and sponsors
    How can we contact you? (select multiple)

    By selecting the check box above, you are consenting to us using you/your child's personal information for the purposes of this service only; this includes collecting and storing data for monitoring and evaluation purposes and to safeguard participants. All personal data, including sensitive data, will be processed securely with appropriate controls in place. Data shared with shared 3rd parties to fulfil contractual obligations will be processed via secure email

    The Peel Project shall Make every endeavour to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children but are unable to accept the responsibility for the care of children. For children under 8 a parent /guardian MUST remain on site for the duration the child is in the session.